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EP Mobile – Leader of electromobility at the Unlimited conference in Sarajevo

As a group, we had the honor to be part of the recently held eighth Unlimited conference in Sarajevo, where we put special emphasis on EP Mobile, a member of our group.
Mr. Nikola Karan, director of the EP mobile company, had the privilege of participating in the panel entitled "In step with time: smart traffic".

During the panel, Mr. Karan, together with other experts in this field, presented the key advantages of electromobility and other benefits that it brings to the functioning of companies as well as society. The discussion focused on the evolution of traffic towards more sustainable and efficient models, emphasizing the role of electric vehicles in achieving this goal, as well as the difficulties encountered during the actual implementation of the projects.

The conclusion of the panel itself was that electromobility not only contributes to the preservation of the environment, but also provides concrete benefits to companies and society. Reducing operating costs, increasing efficiency and creating a positive corporate image are just some of the aspects highlighted as key advantages of switching to electric vehicles.
Participation in the Unlimited conference is not only an opportunity to promote our group and its members, but also an opportunity to support innovation and knowledge exchange in the field of smart traffic, and at the same time represents another step forward in our dedication to sustainable practices and technologies that contribute to a better future.

EP Mobile remains dedicated to the development of a network of smart chargers on the territory of our country and region as well as sustainable solutions that not only improve our business but also contribute to the common good.